The British Footwear Association has extensively revamped its website at . The site provides links to UK suppliers websites and e-mail addresses in a constantly updated database. There is a free downloadable directory of UK footwear suppliers, a list of useful contacts in the British footwear market and an up-to-the-minute news page, which concentrates on the footwear environment. For the industry, the site promotes UK centres of excellence to the trade and general public, and offers an updated link to companies' own web pages. The site promotes industry campaigns highlighting Goodyear welted footwear and the Made-to-Order and Safety Footwear sectors. The news section will summarise more detailed communications sent to BFA members advising on changes to regulations that will impact future trade. For consumers, the site offers a free download of BFA,s invaluable footwear for special needs, a directory of suppliers of hard-to-find footwear. This leading reference work for those who can't get what they need from the high street costs £3.00 for a printed version. Not only is it now downloadable for free, but an addendum carrying new stockists and changes to existing entries can be requested at no charge. Consumers will also benefit from links to consumer protection organisations, the Independent Footwear Retailers Association and the Children's Foot Health Register.BFA chief executive, Niall Campbell, said: "It is great for the UK footwear industry to present such a positive image to the world. The new site is graphically richer and will prove much more helpful for a wide community of users. This will help BFA to use its knowledge of the industry to build up a future portfolio of Internet services to members. There are many new websites starting up that claim to be a portal for the footwear industry - what is unique about the BFA site is that it builds upon services we already offer, putting the horse before the cart.