The US consumer population is one of the most ethnically and size diverse on the planet

The US consumer population is one of the most ethnically and size diverse on the planet

A new strategic partnership announced today (27 March) has the potential to help apparel brands and retailers make better fitting clothes by giving them access to big data and analysis on the shape and size of the diverse and complex US consumer population.

The agreement between BodiData Inc, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that specialises in generating big data on three-dimensional body measurements, and global apparel business expert Alvanon, will see Alvanon integrate BodiData's body dimension data into its own demographic database.

The move will give Alvanon analysts immediate access to the world's largest database of body measurement data of over 1m North American men, women and adolescents. 

This data will, in turn, help brands and retailers define exact body specifications for specific consumer demographics and target markets, enabling them to update their product fit and sizing, including measurement tables, size charts, grade rules, block libraries and identify new growth opportunities for product and market development.

BodiData has patented the only multi-sensor handheld body scanning technology for measuring fully clothed individuals. Its database was created through the largest ever North American scan programme, using millimetre wave kiosk scanner booths in over 72 US malls and resulting in the largest database of US body measurements in the world with hundreds of thousands of data points for each individual.

"Where Google, Facebook and Amazon may have user interest, behaviour and transaction data, they do not have detailed data on a user's physical body," explains Tuoc Long, CEO and director of BodiData. 

He adds that BodiData has the potential to deliver a large category of consumer data that no other company can offer. 

Alvanon is the only firm BodiData will be working with in the retail apparel sector. 

"Every brand should have a unique DNA 'fit' that is understood and can be replicated through every product and across the supply chain," says Alvanon CEO Janice Wang. 

"However, demographic data is just data unless it is analysed in the right context. BodiData is generating big data on US consumers and growing throughout the world. Our domain expertise will enable us to analyse and help apparel brands and retailers define their DNA fit for their target consumer population. Better fit will help apparel brands maximise sell-throughs, reduce inventory, reduce returns and ultimately improve customer loyalty."

The US consumer population is one of the most ethnically and size diverse on the planet, says Wang, adding: "This partnership will deliver clarity to a confused market and enable the industry to make better fitting clothing. Being able to use the database to create custom solutions for the apparel industry is hugely exciting."