Since its launch in November 1999, Soho Shoe Salon, an online retailer of large sized designer women's shoes has claimed resounding success.

The company continues to search and provide for secure online purchases of designer shoes and accessories for women wearing tall or large sizes. Focusing on the large sized specialty market has enabled Soho Shoe to grow at a fast pace unencumbered by competition from large-scale shoe retailers. The large size niche market is growing rapidly. Shoe sites like Shoes on the Net have found their hard-to-find sections have recorded averages of 10,000 hits per day.

Soho Shoe Salon,, and its accessories division Pashmina Obsession, saw sales in the low six figures in our initial opening months over the holiday season. We expect continued growth and sales to double by July.

Soho Shoe Salon offers stylish, fashion forward shoes not readily available in large sizes. We offer up-to-date, unusual styles targeted to the 25-49 fashion conscious buying group.

Phaedra Kivu, president, says: "I wanted to create an enjoyable shopping experience for women who happen to wear a large size shoe. Most women are taller than their mothers, and have longer feet. This is a trend that will continue. Generally, going shoe shopping if you wear an size 11 shoe as I do, is a painful experience of being told again and again your size is not available."

Customers visiting the site during it's first month of operation e-mailed some of the following responses. "Bless you for finally recognizing all of us who don't wear a size 8 shoe," and "I can't believe it, I have never been so happy shopping for shoes."

Soho Shoe Salon will continue to expand it's selection of shoes offered to meet the needs of these shoppers, showcasing new designers like Carmelo Franco and expanding its line of designers and distributors including Via Spiga, Proxy, Coup d'Etat, Paul Melian and Claudia Ciuti to meet our clients needs.