Swedish underwear business Björn Borg has invested in new Product Lifecycle Management Software (PLM) for improved data accuracy, communication and transparency.

Sports fashion brand Björn Borg has a distinctive identity and a strong position in established North Europe in its dominant product area, underwear, while rapidly growing other sportswear product lines. With five product areas and sales in around 20 markets, the company says it is essential to have consistent, long-term collaboration.

Björn Bjorg selected Centric Software's PLM as the backbone technology for all of its product-related activities.

Mija Nideborn, designer and development director, says that data accuracy, communication and transparency are at the core of the firm's decision to team up with Centric Software to support its aggressive growth strategy.

"With positive growth, higher demands on transparency and financial control, we outgrew our old PLM system. We had several manual processes and issues with data accessibility. We switched to Centric PLM for a seamless end-to-end workflow with greater visibility, leading to smarter and more strategic product decisions. We're going for the most advanced and complete solution as possible."

Centric PLM combines all product-related data into one solution. Teams can collaborate globally, identify top-performing products and gain visibility on margins. "We're improving ways of working and adopting best practices from the insights Centric PLM gives us," adds Nideborn. "We want to be more effective as an organisation and we want to be more reliable to our external partners. We see Centric as a business partner rather than a software vendor."