Around GBP10bn (US$13.18bn) is expected to be spent through mobile devices in November as UK retailers prepare for the Black Friday shopping event.

November is expected to be the biggest ever month for smartphone ordering, according to global e-commerce consultancy Salmon. Figures show the majority of online orders were made via mobile on Black Friday (51%) last year, and if sales increase at the same rate from 2016, could hit GBP10bn.

Online sales for the month of November, meanwhile, are expected to hit GBP20bn.

This, Salmon says, would pave the way for a new kind of sales month in the form of a 'Black November,' overtaking December as the biggest shopping month of the year.

According to Salmon, 45% of consumers already use, or plan to soon use, digital assistants to shop – and with 20% of all searches now made through voice – the consultancy advises retailers to consider voice ordering in their peak operations strategy to cope with an increase in voice demand over the Christmas shopping period.

"Black Friday is no longer about one single day, or week – it looks set to take over the whole month," says James Webster, head of managed services at Salmon. "Retailers have realised the opportunity it holds to create an ongoing experience that can help grow their customer base and loyalty, and so it is now an expectation. Even those retailers who do not want to participate in the peak trading phenomenon need to be prepared for it as shopping fever takes over and consumers scour online retailers even if they aren't offering discounts.

"The retailers who manage their peak trading operations well will be the ones who have made plans across all departments, and ensured that their systems are able to function across all channels, making it a success for both customers and retailers alike."

In order for retailers to cope with the rise in consumers using their mobile devices to browse and buy, Salmon suggests companies think about their international customers, the channels they will be using, and to stress test their systems well in advance. Systems for picking and delivery will also need to be in position, as will communication across the business from marketing to logistics.