Responding to growing softgoods industry demand for tools bringing web-based supply chain and customer relationship management tools to their sales force, BlueCherry on Monday announced the release of BlueCherry Virtual Showroom/Web, sales force efficiency and automation tools.

These marry real-time, 24/7 digital imaging to web-enabled sales, marketing and customer management functions that integrate with clients' existing enterprise management systems or Blue Cherry's own enterprise resource planning and supply chain management technology.

According to Paul Magel, senior vice president of Blue Cherry and Application Solutions, the new tool means that "sales reps can take the showroom on the road to customers anywhere in the world.

"From their laptops or a customer's own computer, reps can prepare, present and print or email or web-publish 'custom' digital presentations and catalogues — with style and colour images, pricing, current production and sales information — tailored to the needs of each individual buyer. Virtual Showroom also permits them to enter new sales orders, review status of and/or alter open orders, pick tickets and invoices in real-time."

Virtual Showroom provides reps with access to current corporate database information, and permits them to offer their buyers access to a virtual showroom customized to their specific markets — even to targeted niches within their markets.

The Web version allows for real-time order entry and tracking 24/7 — feeding data back to the home office as it is entered. This assists softgoods manufacturers, distributors and retailers — especially those with significant customisation or just-in-time production processes — in cost-effectively and efficiently ensuring the right goods are produced and shipped in the right colours and assortments.