The online Bluesign Bluefinder platform lists more than 7,500 safe chemicals

The online Bluesign Bluefinder platform lists more than 7,500 safe chemicals

In a bid to speed the switch to safe chemicals in the apparel supply chain, Bluesign Technologies says the latest generation of its online Bluesign Bluefinder platform lists more than 7,500 approved alternatives.

The chemicals listed in the platform have undergone a lengthy certification process, from a Bluesign audit of the chemical company through a corrective action plan to fulfil the Bluesign criteria for production sites.

"2020 is now," says Peter Waeber, CEO of Bluesign Technologies, referring to the self-imposed deadline set by many brands and retailers to remove hazardous chemicals from their production processes.

"You can use the Bluesign approved products for your chemical change management to detox the supply chain today."

He explains safe options are already available for "all possible colours and common finishes," including more than 60 alternatives to PFCs.

Additionally, an end-use recommendation is given for every single chemical product. "It makes a huge difference if a chemical is used for babywear or a tent," Waeber points out.

Bluesign also believes that a Product Stewardship Program that takes responsibility for the manufactured products and the reduction of their environmental, health and safety impacts is key.

"It is well known to all stakeholders in this industry that a simple chemical test or a 'Safety Data Sheet' doesn't fulfil the minimum criteria for a chemical assessment," Waeber says.

"A fully functioning Product Stewardship Program is the only way for a robust and systemic approach to get a constant quality (lot-by-lot; day-by-day) that is key to fulfil the sustainability and environmental requirements of all stakeholders in the supply chain."

He continues: "There is no shortcut to detox the supply chain – our long experience proves that a 'Bluesign lite' version doesn't work at all."

Next year the Switzerland based group is planning to launch a new version of its Bluesign Bluetool, which contains more than 680 banned chemical substances – exceeding the largest NGO or brand Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).

The new Bluetool release will consider the latest risk assessment technology, including the requirements of schemes such as the EU's REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation, and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

In other recent changes, Bluesign Technologies last week said it has combined its services in a single one-stop service platform that brings together its Bluetool, Bluefinder, BlueXpert and Blueguide applications

Bluesign combines services into single platform

And earlier this month the group named Jill Dumain, director of environmental strategy at Patagonia, as its new CEO, succeeding Peter Waeber who will retire at the end of the year.

Bluesign names Patagonia's Jill Dumain as next CEO