Switzerland-based Bluesign Technologies has released the latest version of its Product Stewardship Guideline, which complements its Bluesign Criteria for chemical suppliers.

Exclusively available to Bluesign System partners, the Product Stewardship Guideline is a practical guide for chemical companies that are willing to implement state-of-the-art procedures and improve their product safety, the firm says. 

"Product Stewardship means taking responsibility for making products safe for people and the planet, from design to disposal. It also enables those who manufacture, design, consume or sell products to be responsible for reducing impacts on the environment, economy, public health, and safety.

"While the term and concept originated in the 1980s and the first formal programs were established in the chemical industry around the same time, the environmental situation we are facing in the 2020s makes the concept more important than ever."

The chemical industry has been consolidating its Product Stewardship initiatives under the Responsible Care initiative since 1984.

For Bluesign, Product Stewardship has always been an essential concept to allow production of more sustainable chemical products and hence reduce the impact of the textile industry on people, resources, and the environment. The complex requirements (e.g. of legislation, consumers, and brands) regarding product safety can only be managed with well-conceived Product Stewardship. The Product Stewardship capabilities of chemical suppliers have always been subject to thorough examination during chemical supplier assessments by bluesign auditors, and they are also an important basis for the evaluation of chemical products during the Bluesign chemical assessment.

"Adequate Product Stewardship at chemical suppliers is a prerequisite for the integrity of the Bluesign system. With the new version of the Guideline, we make our requirements transparent and respond to a need on the global market for practical guidance for setting up a functioning system," says Dr Makeba Kampara, Bluesign head of technical service, Asia.

Since 2010, Bluesign has been supporting the improvement of Product Stewardship practices at chemical suppliers with its Product Stewardship Guideline. If necessary, Bluesign experts support clients in the rollout and improvement of stewardship procedures and capabilities in the course of Bluesign Product Stewardship Services (PSS).