Human Solutions has launched its new 'body dimension portal' - believed to be a world-first - which should help apparel firms tailor their garments to shoppers in new markets by enabling them to check their ready-made size tables against international databases.

The iSize portal includes international data pools on body shapes in different countries, and manufacturers will be able to interactively modify their size tables in line with the databases.

"Customers only buy what suits them," points out Dr Andreas Seidl, managing director of Human Solutions GmbH.

"Any company can increase its market share by modifying its garment cuts. iSize plainly shows the correlation between fit and market success."

Information is currently available on body shapes in key export markets including Germany, France, Eastern Europe, the Ukraine, Belarus, Austria (men's wear only), Switzerland (men's wear), the US, China and Korea.

But there are also plans to integrate data from other countries over the next few months.

Companies can input their own size tables to obtain a ranking of the most suitable export markets for their products - including the percentage of each size that needs to be produced for each export country.

Human Solutions says the information in the databases has been obtained from size surveys based on up to 140 different body measurements as well as criteria such as age and gender.