Retail intelligence firm Bold Metrics has added to its fit technology portfolio with two new solutions to help consumers buy sports goods that fit their body shape, as well as create authentic avatars.

Sports Metric and VR Metric join a product portfolio that includes Fashion Metric, which was launched in 2013 to make accurate apparel design and size predictions. 

Sport Metric leverages the Bold Metrics prediction technology to make it easier for consumers to purchase sporting goods online. The technology is said to predict shoppers' measurements more accurately than if they measured themselves. VR Metric, meanwhile, allows for a new way to generate realistic avatars in virtual reality.

"Over the last four years Bold Metrics has developed one of the most advanced machine learning technologies for predicting the human body," says Daina Burnes, co-founder and CEO of Bold Metrics.

"After using the solution on our own apparel e-commerce store, we began licensing our technology to apparel brands and retailers. Today, Bold Metrics offers three solutions – Fashion Metric, Sport Metric and VR Metric – to help retail and technology companies provide customers and users with products that accurately fit their unique body measurements."

In addition, the technology provides feedback data based on real-life body measurements to enable brand manufacturers to more accurately design and size their products.