US based biotechnology company Bolt Threads has acquired outdoor apparel specialist Best Made Co in a move the business says will allow both companies to bypass the traditional supply chain in bringing products to market.

Emeryville, California-based Bolt Threads creates fibres from scratch based on proteins found in nature, and then develops cleaner, closed-loop processes for manufacturing, using green chemistry practices. Its yarns include Engineered Silk based on spider silk.

Based in New York, Best Made Co is an outdoor lifestyle brand that sells clothing, footwear and accessories. Its apparel offerings include shirts, pants, shorts, T-shirts, jackets and vests.

In a statement sent to just-style, Bolt Threads said acquiring Best Made Co would help it to deliver breakthrough product to customers by enabling it to innovate from first principle to final sale.

"Creating products from the ground up with Best Made Co allows for both of our brands to bypass a traditional supply chain, and provides an opportunity to design, test and creatively market to we bring fashion and material manufacturing innovation into the 21st century."

Most recently Bolt Threads has teamed up with designer fashion house Stella McCartney to develop new sustainable materials in line with the label's commitment to responsible sourcing.

Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads to work on new materials

Meanwhile earlier this year, Bolt Threads unveiled the first spider silk product ever available for purchase, a limited edition knit necktie made of 100% Boltspun spider silk.

Bolt Threads reveals 100% spider silk necktie