Silk supplier and textile manufacturer Bombyx has received Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and The Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certifications at its Nanchong Ka Fung (NCKF) facility located in the northeast of China's Sichuan province.

The supplier has set a target of building a fully organic, owned and operated supply chain by 2023.

The company already has IFOAM, LEED, and Think Green Initiative certifications.

Bombyx said the new certifications mark an important benchmark in its evolution as it progresses through Phase 2 of its vertical operation journey with the successful inclusion of organic and recycled materials. The new certifications come on the coattails of its recent CERES organic certification at its mulberry farms where it has been replacing chemical, GMO, and synthetic inputs with natural, organic substitutes by incorporating regenerative farming practices. 

"While certifications and accreditations will never fully define or represent Bombyx's mission toward sustainability, they represent various operational aspects and opportunities that deserve our constant attention as we move toward this goal," says Hilmond Hui, vice president of Bombyx.

"By achieving, maintaining and exceeding these respected certifications, we are providing globally recognised tools that we, and our brand partners, can use in consumer education and communications. These tools encourage more holistic understanding of the processes and the standards across our company's value system. At Bombyx, trust and transparency sit at the core of our business and allows our aspirational silk to represent a new thinking in luxury. At Bombyx that value system takes all stakeholders - garment workers, farmers, brand partners, consumers and the land itself - into consideration, aiming to improve our positive impact through constant R&D and innovation."