Designer Kwame Dako has designed a new type of bulletproof vest for use by bouncers in nightclubs.

After research, Dako discovered that doormen are more afraid of being stabbed with knives or infected needles than being shot. The new vest is less stiff than the normal vests.

Dako, who is Norwegian with a Ghanaian father, has developed the vest together with DuPont, the science and healthcare multinational that holds the patent to Kevlar.

Dako holds the patent and the right to produce the vests and sell them in Scandinavia and West Africa. He has been working on the project for over 3 years, and is now selling the vest to doormen throughout Scandinavia.

About DuPont
DuPont is a science company, delivering science-based solutions that make a difference in people's lives in food and nutrition; health care; apparel; home and construction; electronics; and transportation. Founded in 1802, the company operates in 70 countries and has 94,000 employees.

By Penny Leese