Apparel giant Brandot International Ltd has formed a joint venture with Indian conglomerate Bannari Amman Group to make sportswear and intimate apparel for retail and wholesale brands in the US and Europe.

The joint venture company, Bannari Amman Apparel Limited, will operate from a 150,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on a 25 acre site in Chennai, India.

The company will be managed by a professional team comprised of Indian and expatriate managers, and production will start with 800 sewing machines and over 2000 workers.

Mr Martin Trust, president of Brandot International which already has manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Israel, Madagascar, Mexico and Sri Lanka and employs over 11,000 people, believes "India, along with China, is poised to be one of the largest volume producers of apparel products for mid-tier customers."

He adds: "These customers will be looking for companies in India that offer large scale capacity as well as a high level of customer service."

Crucially, Bannari Amman Apparel will offer design and product development services, and will also be geared to providing a rapid turnaround of samples.

Mr SV Arumugam, director of Bannari Amman Group, said the joint venture with Brandot will allow Bannari Amman Group to "integrate strategically forward into apparel manufacturing and move upwards in the value chain."