Brazilian fashion giant La Moda has given its business a production makeover as part of a collaboration with Lectra which has seen the adoption of a new design solution from the technology specialist.

La Moda, which designs and produces clothing for its high-end Brazilian womenswear brand Lança Perfume, experienced a growth surge in 2006 when it moved from childrenswear into women's apparel. By 2012, it had grown to 50 times its original size and its factory was producing over one million pieces a year. 

As a result, La Moda collaborated with Lectra to redefine and streamline workflow in the cutting room, improve its development process, optimise production planning and reduce fabric consumption by 2%. The company added Lectra's design solution Kaledo to its arsenal, and is now planning to adopt Lectra's product lifecycle management solution in a bid to "tie everything together", as it forges ahead with its plans for expansion.

"We need to react quickly to market trends, so our lead times are short. A speedy product development and production process is crucial if we're going to get our designs into stores on time," says Giancarlo Bedin, marketing and product development director. "At the same time, we need to make sure our operation is as cost-efficient as possible, without sacrificing the premium nature of our offer."

La Moda says it has boost its production output by 30% and improved profit margins thanks to savings in time and fabric.