Brett Marchand is leaving Molson for, a business-to-business website that will serve the $180 billion (US) apparel and accessories industry.

"The decision to leave Molson to devote my energies to was not an easy one for me to make," says Marchand, who, on July 28, will assume the position of president and chief marketing officer at the company he and three partners founded in April. "Being in charge of marketing for a brand like Molson Canadian is a dream job for anyone in the advertising industry. At Molson, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and creative people I've ever met, including Dan O'Neill and Michael Downey - two guys from whom I learned a lot.", which is currently in development and is expected to be beta tested this summer, is the lucrative apparel and accessory (A&A) market's first business-to-business "vortal" (vertical portal). It will give mass buyers of customized items such as sports bags, shirts, hats, jackets, and other items the ability to design, receive a sample, purchase, finance and arrange for shipping in one seamless, streamlined web-based transaction.

"The A&A industry is extremely inefficient in its current form," says Marchand, who throughout his career has purchased millions of dollars worth of logoed merchandise for promotional purposes. "There are as many as five different supply layers that each add on significant mark-ups and slow down the delivery process. With, buyers can simply design their own merchandise, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, get a better price and a faster delivery. This type of control, speed and cost savings is what we've all been told e-commerce was supposed to do for us."

According to Marchand, the business advantage for is the proprietary customization computer aided design (CAD) software that will allow users to actually see their purchase created on-screen. "It would be like buying a computer from Dell's website and seeing it assembled while you're online," says Marchand. "In OnsideKick's case, you'll have the same menu-driven functionality of a Dell or Cisco Systems, but we've applied the user-driven 3-D customization process to the world of soft goods."

Once the design is complete and the user is satisfied, a sample can be generated and delivered in a matter of days, with the final order sent offshore to factories using's proprietary digital bill of goods software. This unique system will send detailed specifications and manufacturing instructions to overseas manufacturing facilities in their native languages. With every part of the process handled through the web, customers will be able to re-order with a minimum of hassle and will also be able to follow the status of their order from design through manufacturing and ultimately to shipping.

Marchand, along with partners, Steve Shamas, chief operating officer, Mitchell Osak, chief financial officer and David Remmer, chief technical officer form an extremely well-rounded and respected executive management. Shamas is the founder of Sports Manufacturers International, a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom sports bags. Osak brings a range of experience to the team from his expertise as the founder of Canada's largest distributor of factory automation equipment and his work in brand management at Procter & Gamble. Remmer was most recently general manager of CyberPlex, one of North America's largest web design and consulting firms and has extensive experience in Fortune 500 e-commerce project management, IT recruiting, web design and integration.