Colour - and confidence - is flowing back into the UK textile scene according to the British exporters attending the Autumn 2000 Premiere Vision trade fair in Paris. Typical of the palette British weavers believe will set the mood for winter 200l/2 are the warm autumnal tones enlivened with plum and orange which dominate Claridge Fabrics' latest collection. Meanwhile, convinced that the British look is once again the style that customers around the world will be seeking for winter 200l/2, UK weavers are once again happy to flaunt their skills in creating classic cloths, often underlining this facility with references to their long history of producing particular types of fabric. Joshua Ellis, for instance, has been working with luxury fibres of various types since l787, while Fox Brothers has been famous for flannel since l785. "Today however, as well as qualities suitable for ceremonial uniforms and for covering billiard tables, we are offering modern lightweight fabrics that are ideal for between seasons suiting - for both sexes - and for which we have recently won a Queen's Award for Export," says Fox boss Jack Hudson.