3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear's VStitcher and Lotta platforms now feature the 4,320 colour references of Archroma's Color Atlas library to help accelerate the process from creative idea to production.

The integration follows Browzwear's product update in September and is immediately available for designers worldwide. A designer is able to select a colour and drag-and-drop it to their 3D garment pattern. Users have the option to use the colours in either the Archroma combination or the RGB format, where they are then extracted directly and accurately into the final tech pack.

With the colours available through Archroma's Color Atlas, apparel companies can make more accurate decisions before purchasing, ultimately reducing the amount of iterations created, the firms say.

"At Browzwear, we are constantly looking to partner with companies that share our values and are streamlining the design process for brands and independent designers," says Avihay Feld, CEO at Browzwear. "By partnering with Archroma, we remain committed to providing design teams with the necessary tools to bring creations to life, accurately and sustainably."

Chris Hipps, head of Archroma colour management, adds: "As workflows in the fashion and apparel industry continue to evolve, platforms like Browzwear are helping designers create and produce beautiful garments at scale. With our work with Browzwear, we're enabling designers to have unprecedented access to our colours, beyond the traditional RGB and in order to envision how the garment will look in different colours, before it is mass-produced."