3D design and prototyping software specialist Browzwear has released the latest version of its VStitcher and Lotta design and workflow solutions, adding new time-saving features for designers and pattern makers.

The update includes new tools and features advancing the broader fashion digitisation efforts, the company says, as well as specifically helping apparel and technical designers work freely in virtual 3D and making it easier to ensure finished physical samples are right the first time. The company says its new product capabilities specifically address requests for a scalable workflow.

The latest version includes:

Slash & Spread: Enables easy addition or subtraction of any amount of fullness from designs with instant visualisation in photo-realistic 3D and real-time 2D pattern adjustments.

Innovative Fit Correction: Supports accurate corrections of garment tension seen in 3D pressure maps and recommends adjustments to the corresponding 2D pattern to ensure fit without requiring a physical sample.

Improved Parametric Avatars: Facilitates creation of avatars with customised measurements by allowing one parameter to be changed while others remain locked.

2D/3D Vector workflows: Allows vector files created in Adobe Illustrator to be manipulated directly in Browzwear without quality loss or requiring switching between applications. Designers can make changes to the 2D vector and instantly visualise them on the 3D model. The finalised 2D file can also be sent directly to the manufacturer to improve the likelihood of error-free production.

Other changes in the new release include the ability to stitch 2D patterns in 3D, which enables a more intuitive garment creation and design process. These features join those added in the last release, which included functions resulting in digital garments that look, drape and fit like real physical garments, and even view those garments in motion.

"Every bit of functionality in Browzwear's solutions is created to enable healthier, more sustainable fashion businesses. We focus on streamlining workflows, connecting 2D and 3D views, making it easier to find and correct issues and ensuring the finished physical samples are right the first time," says Sharon Lim, co-founder and CEO of Browzwear. "It's our mission to help the industry to produce less and sell more by leveraging data-based insights and true-to-life digital garment twins."