3D design and prototyping software provider Browzwear has launched two new releases of its fashion design tools that improve creative power while shortening the time from design to manufacturing.

VStitcher 8.0 and Lotta 4.0 offer features such as an integrated 'Ray Trace Engine' to access Ray Trace renderings; a cloud rendering service, allowing automation of render pipelines; high quality photorealistic fur images and other complex materials; and adjustable smart shoes that work with multiple avatar shapes and types, and can be used in various poses and animation.

Also featuring on the new versions are drag and drop smart zippers and buttons that can be shared and distributed as a complete asset package; GIF animations and turntables to easily export and share online; and advanced animation plug-in to evaluate true-to-life fit in motion and render in ray trace – all in one place.

"We are proud of the work put into this release and our team is excited to unveil some features that we know will change the way designers are currently working," says Lena Lim, Browzwear chief commercial officer.

"Now, more than ever, designers will be able to produce digital garments that look, drape, fit and move almost exactly like real physical garments. Using 3D garments shortens time to market and significantly reduces wasted resources including budget and materials for a better bottom line and a cleaner environment."

In addition, users will enjoy the ability to import assets from online and cloud-based asset management systems into a new asset library, or connect their own libraries with the Browzwear Open Platform.

"We've made impressive advances with the simple and powerful user interface for an improved user experience," adds Avihay Feld, Browzwear chief product officer. "Our 8.0 release delivers enhanced end-to-end workflow leveraging VStitcher and Lotta from cutline design to manufacture, and tools like these that close the digital workflow loop is what we aim to deliver to our customers."