Bruce Crumbliss has been appointed as vice president of sales at Sapona Manufacturing Company Inc - a new position within the company and one that has been introduced to develop new markets and improve communication with customers.

Mr Crumbliss, who was formerly vice president of sales for Mayo Yarns, before it was acquired by Frontier, will also be responsible for managing relationships with Sapona's independent sales representatives - including Falcon Industries, Clyde Gordon Associates, TSR Yarns, Jones Textiles, Steen Sales and CM Patterson Yarns - and will serve on the board of directors.

"The restructuring of our sales management organization has been a key element of our strategic plan," said Steele Redding, CEO. Sapona has developed a significant number of new products and new capabilities that require expanded effort to get the word out to customers at both the manufacturing and design stages. Manufacturing capacity has been expanded for air-covered spandex and combination yarns.

New product developments include Celanna brand acetate combinations and work with other fibers such as PTT and polypropylene. Sapona's growth efforts are focused on nylon and specialty yarn products for the seamless knit and hosiery markets. With the addition of Mr Crumbliss, Sapona expects to broaden penetration into other markets and increase overall volume significantly.

About Sapona Manufacturing Company
Sapona Manufacturing Company Inc is a private textile company with approximately 200 employees. Sapona processes mid to fine denier synthetic yarn including textured nylon and covered spandex. Process options include stretch or set false twist texturing, package dye tube winding, cone winding, assembly winding, air-covering, ring twisting, and 2 for 1 twisting. Various options of yarn type, ply, twist, air entanglement, finish and dye are available.

Sapona offers same day or next day shipment and immediate action on special orders, tailoring to specific customer needs. Customer applications include sheer hosiery, socks, seamless bodywear, circular knit fabric, warp knit fabric, narrow fabric, sewing thread, upholstery, dental floss, lace, medical applications and many others.