The Burberry check, famously applied to everything from bikinis to dog coats, could soon be making its mark in new areas, including home wares, according to chief executive Rose Marie Bravo.

Speaking to the Financial Times, she also revealed plans to move towards a global portfolio of products, including the launch Thomas Burberry - the young, casual brand currently sold predominantly in Spain - in the UK. As part of this approach, accessories such as handbags, belts, scarves and wraps have been increased to 25 per cent of turnover, but the short-term target is to get this up to 30 per cent.

"Burberry has to be thought of as a gift store," Ms Bravo told the paper. "Customers have to feel they can go into Burberry and buy gifts at various price points."

Developments are also taking place on the raincoats front. "We are doing something called Art of the Trench," says Ms Bravo. "Customers can get made-to-measure trench coats." And they can also pick their own lining, collar, checks, tartan ... you name it, the company will customise it.