Luxury UK goods company Burberry has threatened to take legal action against a company selling clothing for ferrets in check fabric similar to its own.

Burberry has ordered Ferret World, which is based in Dudley, West Midlands, to stop selling all garments made with the check fabric on the grounds it is infringing Burberry's copyright.

Burberry's lawyers sent a letter to Ferret World - the country's sole outlet for rodent garments - complaining about the jackets, hats and bandannas and demanding a sample of the material used as well as a list of all purchasers of the offending apparel.

The pet shop, which had advertised a £6.99 ferret outfits as being "in the famous Burberry design", has agreed to scrap the advert containing Burberry's name but said Burberry should "get a life" and added it will not release customer details because of the Data Protection Act.

Ferret World owner Simon Bishop claimed the material was bought from Dudley market and that he believed the tartan design to be a generic one.

Bishop also points out that the ferret clothes' fabric contains cream and purple rather than beige and red.

Burberry's check fabric has recently been equated with tackiness after seeing its popularity soar among young teenagers and football hooligans.