Fashion house Burberry is scrapping its black-and-tan-check baseball cap amid suggestions it is becoming synonymous with hooliganism.

The decision to stop selling the cap, which costs about £50, was reported in the Daily Mirror, which said that Burberry refused to reveal exactly why they had made the move.

However, the paper does quote an employee of the company's Castleford factory, who said it was because of the violence connotations the cap had now obtained.

The worker said: "There was trouble with the football hooligan association and unfortunately it seems a minority have ruined it for the majority."

In 2003, a group who named themselves the 'Burberry Boys' attacked a coach load of Turkish football fans in Sunderland, sparking worries over the image of the brand, which is also favoured by many celebrities.

The 1856-established brand's clothes and accessories have already been banned from two bars in Leicester for similar reasons, and some pubs in Scotland have also begun to refuse entry to people those wearing the distinctive label.