Compliance and quality assurance specialist Bureau Veritas has developed a trim manufacturing quality programme for the US market.

The supply chain solution is designed to improve the quality and chemical safety of a product, while reducing the total cost of quality.

Repeated analytical testing on the same trim components across a range of styles can often mean testing the same component trim multiple times. This affects the whole supply chain, ultimately increasing the cost to the retailers and reducing the profit margin. Failures are also often found late in the production cycle at the product stage when it is difficult to make changes, resulting in delayed time to market and higher risks of recalls and non-compliance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements in US.

The trim manufacturing quality programme is designed to address these issues, with the backbone of the scheme the auditing of trim suppliers/vendors through Bureau Veritas' Factory Chemical Management System (FCMS) assessment service.

"Our TMQP addresses the requirements of the CPSC Reasonable Testing Program and supports the time-to-market, quality, safety and cost needs of the supply chain," said Lisa Bate, VP Americas and global key account management. "The scheme focuses on improving supply chain quality; reducing over-testing and spend as well as finding, and correcting, failures early on. Trim suppliers will receive an attestation that can be used with the many US buyers who support this approach. The attestation can also be used on all finished products / styles that use the same trim in endless combinations. Buyers will also benefit from a trusted supply chain, reduced risk and cost as well as enhanced quality."