Value retailer Burlington Coat Factory has admitted to selling a jacket trimmed with real fur which it had advertised as fake.

The company claims it did not know the trim on the Baby Phat-branded jackets was made of real fur and has agreed to remove the garment from its stores.

It will also refund customers who bought the coat believing the fur was fake and has agreed to discuss its fur policy with The Humane Society of the US (HSUS).

"We are pleased that Burlington Coat Factory is taking steps to remove its inaccurate advertisements," said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of HSUS.

"But HSUS is now asking Burlington to examine its entire policy of selling fur trim, given that fashionable and functional faux fur alternatives are readily available to the company. It's a matter of social responsibility and a concern for the welfare of animals."

The jackets contain internal labels stating that they are trimmed with raccoon and coyote fur from China.

"It's especially problematic that the fur is coming from China, since sellers there routinely mislabel products and use unmistakably barbaric methods of killing domesticated and wild animals," added Pacelle.

"Retailers often don't know what they are getting, and consumers often can't tell whether they are buying dog or raccoon, real or faux. Congress should pass the Truth in Fur Labeling Act to ensure that all fur-trimmed garments are properly labelled and that consumers have the best product information available."

This is not the first occasion Burlington has been slammed for its use of fur. Back in 1998, it admitted to selling Chinese-produced parkas trimmed with dog fur which it claimed to have thought was coyote fur.

Numerous retailers in the US and Europe have turned their backs on fur in the past few years. "Go to any high street and you won't see fur on sale in the majority of shops," Animal Aid campaigner Fiona Pereira told just-style earlier this year.

But a handful of designers aside, fur has seen a large-scale resurgence on catwalks in recent seasons and has started spreading onto trims and into accessories.