A new commercial partnership announced yesterday (12 September) between US fabric maker Burlington WorldWide and Indian worsted wool fabric maker OCM India will provide an additional source of suiting products for the US and European markets.

Under the agreement, Burlington WorldWide will help OCM develop new manufacturing processes and woollen fabrics which can be exported to the US, European and Asian markets.

In return, OCM, which is located in Amritsar, will be licensed to produce and sell wool fabrics under the Burlington brand name to the domestic Indian market.

Wilbur L Ross, chairman of International Textile Group (ITG) which owns Burlington WorldWide, said: "This is a tremendous opportunity to expand ITG's footprint into the growing Indian market and provide an additional supply chain of products for the US and European markets.

"Burlington WorldWide is the North American leader in worsted wool products and its expertise in wool manufacturing and new fabric development will further OCM's operations and breadth of product to grow a global wool platform for both companies."

OCM is a vertically integrated mill with an annual capacity of 8.4m metres and a product range that ranges from fine pure wool suitings to polyester wool and various wool blended combinations.

Rajeev Surana, CEO of OCM India Limited, added: "OCM is a trusted Indian brand for worsted suitings. This alliance can contribute immensely in lending it an international edge.

"The technological capabilities and global experience of Burlington WorldWide coupled with OCM's core strengths will enhance the aspirational value of the brand and its products."

Both ITG and OCM are majority-owned by the global textile manufacturing group WL Ross & Co LLC in New York.

ITG employs over 10,500 people worldwide with operations in the US, Mexico, China, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, Nicaragua and Vietnam.