A new suite of Business Intelligence (BI) software tailored specifically for retailers has been unveiled by Raymark.

Smart Xpert and Xpert Planner are part of Raymark's Xpert Series, which allows retailers to channel information throughout their enterprises and better manage a multi-store operation or a global network. The two new products enable retailers to obtain enterprise-wide information more easily in order to lower cost, increase profitability and maintain high customer satisfaction level the company explains.

Smart Xpert is an advanced data analytics Business Intelligence solution that mines the retailer's transaction history to uncover hidden customer behaviour, discover unsung product heroes and falling star products as well as surgically analyse the retailer's financial trends.

Xpert Planner is an "open-to-buy" tool that uses BI technologies to quickly identify optimal buying opportunities with accurate demand forecasting and budgeting. Retailers can monitor inventory flow to identify recurring sales behaviour and predict matters requiring immediate action.