Computer Associates International, Inc (NYSE: CA), the e-commerce solution provider, and Chia Heir Group, a Taiwanese textile manufacturer, today unveiled eFashion, a powerful B2B platform for the textile industry.

The two companies formed this strategic partnership to offer Taiwan's first digital infrastructure that integrates business processes across the full range of the textile industry's upstream and downstream operations - including manufacturing, purchasing and outsourcing. eFashion, based on CA's Jasmineii, delivers a competitive advantage to Chia Heir Group through lower procurement and production costs, quicker response to customer requests and increased efficiency.

The announcement was made by Charles B. Wang, chairman of CA, and Chuan-Pei Wong, chairman of Chia Heir Group at a signing ceremony in Taiwan today.

The strategic partnership between CA and Chia Heir Group demonstrates how traditional industries can leverage information technology to ensure success in the highly competitive global digital economy. By integrating textile industry supply chains, Chia Heir Group will enhance efficiency, and effect the cost reductions that are so critical to meeting today's eBusiness challenges.

"A secure, reliable and fully integrated B2B infrastructure is essential for Taiwan's textile industry to maintain its competitive edge," said Wang. "CA's vision is to help the business community engage in e-business by capitalising on our integrated and robust solutions. You have to do it fast, and you have to do it right. eFashion reflects our belief that e-business is a whole process, and the full business chain, from procurement and production, to sales and delivery, has to be linked electronically. We are proud of CA's role in delivering this critical infrastructure."

eFashion is an outgrowth of eBizServe, CA's joint venture formed in March 2000 with Taiwan's Union Group and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry. eFashion integrates supply chain management to provide eVMI, eProduction, and eLibrary functions via the Internet. This initiative has won recognition from the Taiwan Industry Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and drawn considerable attention from the IT industry.

"eFashion will help us develop into a global fashion fabrics supply centre, enhancing our competitive position, enabling us to deliver consistent high-quality customer satisfaction and providing effective cost reductions," said Chuan-Pei Wong, chairman of Chia Heir Group. "CA's innovative technology, services and education will help accelerate the marketplace delivery of eFashion and reduce the risks associated with any new operation."

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Chia Heir has assets in excess of NT$20bn, comprising companies in textiles, construction, finance, technology, trade, food and chemicals.