C&A Foundation, the corporate foundation affiliated with global retailer C&A, is launching a global initiative aimed at helping brands, retailers and manufacturers find more innovative and sustainable ways of producing fashion.

Created with an initial grant from the C&A Foundation, 'Fashion for Good' is a joint-industry initiative involving the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDH, and the Sustainable Trade Initiative. 

The initiative offers practical action in the form of support, funding and roadmaps, and by fostering a sector-wide collaboration rather than competition, the company says. Its aim is to enable innovation and widespread adoption of "good fashion practice" and is open for brands, retailers and manufacturers to join.

"With an innovation hub in Amsterdam, a start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley, California, and a global network of 'change makers', Fashion for Good re-imagines how fashion is designed, made, worn and reused so that people, companies and the planet can all thrive," C&A says.

"By mobilising around a collective innovation and investment agenda, we will spark and scale technologies and business models that have the potential to change the sector profoundly. And by openly sharing what we learn, we will guide the fashion industry toward a future in which brands, suppliers, communities and our planet can all thrive."

The new initiative is part of C&A Foundation's wider efforts to drive the transition to circular fashion by nurturing and scaling solutions that can change the way clothes are made, used, and reused.

Fashion for Good will launch its first hub in Amsterdam on 30 March, with further details on the initiative expected to be released in the coming weeks.

In November last year, the C&A Foundation invested EUR250,000 (US$278,000) in a bid to help a non-profit organisation in the Netherlands close the loop for textiles and create a zero-waste industry.

C&A Foundation funds closed loop textile programme