Fashion retailer C&A leads two top 10 lists charting organic cotton use, drawn up by non-for-profit organisation Textile Exchange in its 2012 Market Report.

The report also notes that 71% of companies planned to increase their organic cotton use in 2013, with additional sustainable fibres also predicted to experience growth.

Some of the leading companies prioritising organic cotton as one of their preferred fibres were C&A, Nudie Jeans and Puma, the report says.

C&A tops the list showing volume growth of organic cotton, followed by Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Nike, Puma, Co-op Swiss, Anvil, William-Sonoma, Inditex, Carrefour and Target.

For the first time, Textile Exchange said, users had to consume more than 2m lb of organic cotton in order to make the list.

C&A also led the list showing organic cotton use as a percentage increase over the previous year, with a 78% increase over 2012.

Nudie Jeans was in second place, at 69%, while other companies showing strong growth included Puma, Otto, Continental Clothing, Anvil, H&M, Bergman Rivera, Inditex and Nike.

Textile Exchange is due to host the 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference in Istanbul on 11-13 November, where the title will be: 'Sustainability: The Future is Now – Unifying our Industry through Integration and Collaboration.'