Chinese menswear brand Cabbeen has invested in a new product lifecycle management (PLM) solution as part of an internal supply chain system restructure, and to help increase agility and response to changing retail conditions.

Cabeen has selected Centric PLM in a bid to rapidly reduce in the amount of time its R&D team spends on data collection.

Founded in Guangzhou in 1997, the company's four menswear brands, Cabbeen Lifestyle, Cabbeen Urban, Cabbeen Chic and 2AM, retails in more than 1,000 points of sale across China.

"Cabbeen needs a strong platform to support business growth and achieve rapid innovation," says Chen Jun, Cabbeen CIO. "We looked for a solution that would reduce rework for internal departments and external suppliers, eliminate the need to communicate the same information multiple times and also support the structural reform of our organisation."

According to Chen, Centric PLM will allow the company to quickly accumulate knowledge and improve efficiency.

"We expect to define and standardise all aspects of the research and development process, improving visualisation and transparency. Its flexible architecture enables a quick response to changes in the business."

Cabbeen is Centric's 22nd customer in China.