Indian knitwear manufacturer Network Clothing Company (NCC) has implemented Tukatech software as part of efforts to reduce waste in the design and marker-making process.

Tirupur-based NCC, which produces 1.2m knit garments each month for leading brands in the US and Europe, is striving to make its garment operation as environmentally friendly as possible.

The company built a wind power generator in Tirupur, and produces so much electricity that it sells power back to India's grid. NCC has also instituted a waste reclamation programme where fabric scraps are recycles and reconstituted into usable material.

The TUKAcad pattern making systems allows pattern makers to create patterns digitally, thereby helping the company to use less material in the preliminary design and marking process and reduce waste.

“With the old systems we were still making patterns manually, then digitising them into the systems,” explains apparel division CEO Akhilesh Anand. The new software “allows us to make the first pattern off of established graded blocks in system, eliminating digitising and grading.”

The tool is also helping the company increase the number of products that are designed in-house, which will increase efficiency and savings.

NCC further reduced wasted fabric by switching to Tukatech's SmartMark automatic marker optimisation programme, a module for TUKAcad that further optimises the efficiency of markers.