The march took place on Monday (31 March)

The march took place on Monday (31 March)

The pending anniversary of Rana Plaza has reignited calls for compensation to be given to victims of the Tazreen Fashions fire, in the hope they will not be forgotten.

The National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) earlier this week organised a protest by more than 100 orphans of the victims of the blaze, which killed 115 workers and left 150 others injured in November 2012.

They called on the companies who "regularly purchased" product from the garment factory such as Wal-Mart, Li & Fung, C&A, Dickies, Delta Apparel, Sears, Disney, KiK and El Courte Ingles to "provide compensation for all victims as early as possible".

Shortly after the collapse of the Rana Plaza complex last April, the NGWF said, compensation to families of the Tazreen Fashions fire victims was delayed. 

Of the 28 brands that sourced garments from Rana Plaza, ten agreed to provide compensation. In comparison, the 14 companies that sourced from Tazreen Fashions have not yet done so. 

During a meeting following the protest, NGWF president Amirul Haque Amin urged the government, as well as factory owners, workers and buyers, to "work together to make [the] garment sector a safe worker place".