Top American designer Calvin Klein has cut 90 jobs at the company's headquarters and is closing its mid-priced sports wear line, CK Bridge. And the designer has warned that more big changes could be on the way as the business is restructured worldwide.

The CK Bridge division, priced between the top-of-the range Collection and the more affordable jeans line, generates around $50 million sales a year.

But Klein says the sportswear range is not right for his business and instead he wants to focus on Collection. He says the typical customer of clothing in the Bridge range was more "mature and conservative" than the brand was aimed at. 

Klein is also merging CK Calvin Klein apparel with CK Calvin Klein Jeans in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Industry analysts say the shake-up is a response to the downturn in the business worldwide.
They say negative publicity surrounding Calvin Klein's legal fight with the Warnaco Group, settled in January, damaged the Calvin Klein empire.  

By Deborah Bowyer.