Candie's, Inc yesterday announced backlog and comparable store sales for the second quarter ended July 31, 2001.

Over the next several days, the Company will be showing at the WSA trade show in Las Vegas.

Neil Cole, Candie's, Inc's CEO, said: "We are pleased with the momentum in our retail, wholesale and licensing businesses, demonstrated by excellent growth in our wholesale backlog and comparable store sales. We believe these numbers confirm that we are connecting with our target consumer in terms of both product and brand positioning and that we have the potential to grow our business over both the short and long-term."

The company's current backlog level for wholesale orders expected to ship through the end of the fiscal year has increased 45.8 per cent as compared to the backlog at the same time last year. Six of the company's ten stores posted an aggregate comparable store sales increase of 33.1 per cent and four new stores contributed to sales growth in the retail division of 107 per cent compared to the comparable quarter last year.

Candies, Inc expects to report its second quarter earnings during the week of September 10.