Vietnamese apparel manufacturer and retailer Canifa has released a range of Woolmark-certified apparel in time for winter in the northern hemisphere and as part of The Woolmark Company's 'Out of Vietnam' project.

As the first Woolmark licensee to come out of Vietnam, Canifa is also the first to produce 100% Merino wool apparel to sell in the domestic market. The 53-piece collection for men, women and children was launched at the weekend.

The Out of Vietnam project was launched in 2012 "to develop a sustainable supply chain in Vietnam and expand its current manufacturing sector," according to Rob Langtry, chief strategy and marketing officer at The Woolmark Company.

However, he adds: "Canifa's retail success extends far beyond the trade sector, opening doors to the consumer market and introduces Australian Merino wool to customers previously unaware of the fibre's infinite potential."