The success of its first national clothing conference last year has prompted CAPITB Trust to stage a second event to bring together key players from the world of vocational education and the clothing industry. The conference hopes to encourage dialogue between the two sectors, and on the agenda are reviews of the progress made from the previous conference, the Skills Forecasting Millennium project, computer based learning materials for Life Long Learning, and management best practices. The event will take place at the Derby County Football Ground on Thursday 16 November, and the day's schedule consists of two presentations in the morning and a series of workshops in the afternoon. Professor J Winterton of the Toulouse Business School will present an interim report on the progress that has been made with the Clothing Industry Skills Foresight project. This work involves sampling 1200 clothing companies to analyse the skill needs of the industry in the foreseeable future - and will impact on the curriculum framework across education and training. An overview of the Teaching Company Scheme (TCS) will be given by its director, Dr E H Robson. TCS is a UK Government scheme that enables firms of all types to take advantage of the wide range of expertise available in higher education institutions and public and private sector research institutes and organisations. Through TCS, partnerships are formed between companies and groups of staff in UK knowledge based organisations. The afternoon's sessions will cover computer based pattern development and fashion design; computer based costing; and management best practice. For more information, contact conference coordinator, Trisha Devine, on: +44 (0)113 2273241.