Ingeo is the new brand name chosen by Cargill Dow for its manmade fibre derived from 100 per cent annually renewable resources.

The fibre is based on carbon and other sugars found in annually renewable resources such as corn (maize), which are used to make a polymer called NatureWorks PLA. Once the resin is converted into a fibre, it becomes Ingeo - pronounced "in-gee-o."

"We were looking for a name that captured the essence of what our technology is about, who we are as a company, and our vision for a more sustainable future," said Tim Eynon general manager, fibres, Cargill Dow LLC, at its launch. "Ingeo captures this essence, but it also stands for so much more. It stands for humanity, nature and technology in balance and the right of every individual and company to choose to make a positive difference."

More than 75 leading brand owners and manufacturers are actively developing and introducing new products made from Ingeo, and a range of retail launches are planned throughout 2003 on five continents.