From a standing start back in 1990, Seoul-based Cass swimwear group has already grown to be Korea's biggest producer of children's swimwear commanding a 50 per cent of its home market and an annual turnover in excess of US$7 million.

But Cass wants to expand its export trade to be the world's biggest in kid's swimwear.

Its ranges already sell into the US, Japan, Hong Kong and a number of EU nations, but Cass is also "actively seeking additional outlets everywhere."

Cass currently buys the bulk of its fabric from Italy, particularly chlorine and seawater resistant, stretch cloths with a Lycra content.

Character merchandised lines also feature strongly, and the firm has the rights to use Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty and Barbie motifs on its children's swimwear.
By Sonia Roberts.