United Systems Incorporated (USI), a provider of e-business solutions, has created an e-commerce site for AmeriMark Direct, formerly known as TransAmerica Holdings. AmeriMark Direct is a direct marketer of women's apparel, cosmetics, jewelry, fragrances and shoes, as well as health-related merchandise.

Gary Giesler, chairman of AmeriMark, said: "We now have a site that really works for us, is fully integrated with our legacy systems, and can grow with us as our web channel grows."

"USI was able to meet all of AmeriMark's requirements as a single vendor," said John Harlow, president of United Systems. "We were able to combine details from more than 4,500 products in four catalogs, into a single user-friendly site, providing a tremendous benefit to AmeriMark's customers."

USI is a subsidiary of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, which can be found on the Internet at www.UnitedSystemsInc.com. AmeriMark Direct is located at www.amerimark.com.