Centric Software PLM has inked partnerships with CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex

Centric Software PLM has inked partnerships with CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex

Centric Software is introducing a fully digital, 3D design and development workflow with integration to multiple leading 3D fashion solutions including those offered by CLO, Browzwear and EFI Optitex.

Reflecting the fact that leading brands and retailers continue to use more than one single 3D solution, the product creation workflow is 3D software-agnostic encompassing several 3D fashion solutions.

By offering a series of Centric PLM 3D Connectors, the firm says users can incorporate 3D information from many different sources and types of solutions to help reduce time to market, lower development costs, increase product innovation and shrink environmental footprint.

The new Centric 3D Connectors also drive efficiency for fashion and apparel brands specialising in personalisation or made-to-measure by automatically updating product designs and fit via virtual samples. In addition, users can share photorealistic 3D models with customers for review and approval prior to production.

"We began piloting a Browzwear to Centric integration in early 2019 quickly enlarging to also include CLO and EFI Optitex. Getting user feedback was key in order to provide the right expected value and benefits," says Ron Watson, vice president of product at Centric Software. "Our experience with leading brands and retailers led us to the conclusion that they use more than one single 3D solution and will continue to do so."

Last year Centric launched the 3D Sample Review mobile app to review digital samples in virtual fit scenarios within Centric PLM. And Centric 8 PLM v6.6, released earlier this year, includes a powerful new 3D Viewer, to assess and share comments for 3D designs and samples.

"For the past year, we've been developing some of our designs in 3D, and the Centric 3D Connect will provide us with significant time savings and streamline the workflow for our designers and developers. It will also enable us to use 3D product renderings throughout the whole product lifecycle, supporting sales and marketing teams for our buyer's guide," explains Rebecca Johansen, R&D and sustainability manager, and Frank Potts, IT business consultant, at Helly Hansen.