LuuLuu, Inc, a service provider for the apparel industry, will unveil its Virtual Dressing Room application for Cerruti today. The Virtual Dressing Room gives designers the ability to display and merchandise their collections online, enabling buyers to view and place orders from any location worldwide, at any time of the day or night.

By leveraging LuuLuu's online service, designers and suppliers have a unique solution to increase exposure time and improve the communication process as they merchandise and sell their lines to buyers worldwide. By streamlining the process, LuuLuu's services can help designers and suppliers increase e salestheir sales via broader and more convenient exposure, reduce the cost of merchandising e costs and increase efficiencies leading to increased exposure and shortened the time to get product to market.

"LuuLuu provides an innovative and seamlessly integrated solution for a Virtual Dressing Room," says Fausto Lazzaretti, executive vice president and general manager of Cerruti Group Service New York. "The LuuLuu Dressing Room gives buyers an accurate representation of merchandise so they can make informed buying decisions."

With the LuuLuu Dressing Room, buyers view merchandise on virtual models with an accurate representation demonstrating fit, colour, drape and flow with interactive zoom and mix-and-match functionality. Cerruti will showcase the Virtual Dressing Room, using it to display both its Cerruti Arte and Cerruti 1881 lines, at a press event today at the Cerruti boutique on Madison Avenue. Following the New York party, the Cerruti lines using LuuLuu's Virtual Dressing Room will be showcased in a series of events at Cerruti stores in Paris, Milan, and Hong Kong.

About LuuLuu, Inc
LuuLuu is a Business-to-Business service provider afor the global apparel iIndustry. The apparel industry involves a complex global supply chain including relationships between designers, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers. LuuLuu's first set of integrated applications provide high quality garment visualization and consumer personalization services as well as targeted marketing services that help retailers increase sales, reduce return rates and capture important marketing information. LuuLuu services will also be used by designers and manufacturers to merchandise and sell their collections online, decreasing the requirement for costly Llookbooks and trunk shows.