CertainTeed Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain (Paris, France), today sent the following letter to the Board of Directors of Brunswick Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: BTIC):

May 8, 2000

An Open Letter to the Directors of Brunswick Technologies, Inc.

Dear Brunswick Technologies Director:

You have stated publicly on a number of occasions that your fiduciary duty
requires you to consider the effect of our offer on your corporate
constituencies in addition to the shareholders. We couldn't agree more,
and we believe that our offer is in the best interest of all your


CertainTeed's parent company, Saint-Gobain, is responsible for over 30,000
jobs in its U.S. companies alone and approximately 165,000 worldwide. We
understand the importance of a motivated work force and would welcome BTI
employees into our family of companies.

-- We are committed to growing BTI's operations, especially in
-- We will honor all existing customer and raw materials supply
-- We know that the value of BTI lies in its people - our success
depends on them.


Because of various statements in BTI's revised proxy materials and in
BTI's communications with its shareholders concerning our position
relative to the 1997 Equity Incentive Plan, it is important that we
clarify our objectives once and for all. We have consistently supported
BTI's employee stock option programs in the past, particularly when used
to reward deserving employees at all levels. Used properly, such programs
can be very useful in attracting and retaining valuable employees.
However, we have two specific objections to the proposed amendment:

-- The BTI Board's track record has been to concentrate options among
senior management, and we are concerned that this trend will
-- We are very concerned that such a large number of new options could
be granted at below market prices, thereby diluting equity for all

We want to be sure that the proposed amendment to BTI's 1997 Equity
Incentive Plan will provide incentives for all employees. A recent
resolution by the BTI Board indicated that no option grants would be
awarded to executive officers under the Plan for at least 90 days, and BTI
officials have made public comments to the effect that the resolution was
made to benefit employees. However, this resolution is non-binding and
provides no assurance that grants would not be made to directors or
consultants. Additionally, neither the amendment nor the resolution does
anything to address an extraordinary feature of the Plan that permits BTI
to grant options with exercise prices of as little as 50% of fair market
value at the time of the grant.

We believe that the proposed amendment, combined with the overly generous
severance arrangements recently put into place for BTI management, only
serves to benefit senior management, not all BTI employees.

CertainTeed Corporation is a leading manufacturer of roofing; vinyl and fiber cement siding; vinyl windows; vinyl fencing, deck and railing; ventilation products; piping products; fiber glass insulation; and fiber glass products for reinforcing plastics and other materials. The company is headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and has more than 7,000 employees and 45 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

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