Footwear brand Charles Philip has filed a lawsuit against US clothing brand Gap Inc, accusing it of copying its signature loafers and stripes.

The suit alleges that the clothing giant has knowingly, wilfully and unlawfully used and misappropriated Charles Philip's name and likeness for its own products.

The range of loafers in question replicate multiple pairs of Philip's collection, and feature lining that is similar to Charles Philip's signature striped insole. Style names like Phillip Moccasin Slipper and Phillip Slipper were stamped inside the insoles, according to court documents.

Andrea Bates, the attorney representing Charles Philip and brand owner Jumbo Bright Trading, told just-style that Gap has already been asked to stop using the designs and the Phillip name, and to pay damages.

"Gap basically took an entire collection of Charles Philip, created a cheap poor quality replica of the line and are selling it under the Phillip name for a fraction of the price. It is very disappointing that such a well known company, such as the Gap, would engage in such activity," she said.

Gap declined to comment on the suit.