MIT Media Lab spin-off, Charmed Technology(TM), the leading developer of affordable, wearable, wireless Internet-connected devices, services, and technologies, today announced the relocation of their international corporate headquarters to Beverly Hills, Calif. The company's wireless mobile technology, which uses the NANIX(TM) operating system, will make it possible to access the World Wide Web anywhere, anytime, through smart miniature devices that can be carried or worn. These new products will include everyday objects such as eyeglasses, a necklace, lapel pin, or child's toy, and have recently been featured globally in the Charmed Technology Brave New Unwired World fashion shows in cities including New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. "The success of the Brave New Unwired World show, as well as the research and development of our technologies, requires facilities that can better serve the needs of our fast-growing company," said Alex Lightman, co-founder and CEO of Charmed Technology(TM). Co-founder and Vice President of Events of Charmed Technology, Katrina Barillova, added: "Our new Beverly Hills location puts us in the heart of the global fashion industry and at the center of the digital coast expansion. We are now positioned at the intersection of two key industries for our business." Charmed Technology was previously located in Sherman Oaks, Calif. The company plans to open research centers in the Czech Republic, Silicon Valley, Calif., and London.