Checkpoint Systems Inc has launched an “out-of-the-box” merchandise visibility tool intended as a starting point to help apparel retailers and department stores try out RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

The Handheld Visibility Solution is aimed at firms embarking on a global merchandise visibility deployment, and can help them reduce out-of-stocks without impacting their existing IT systems.

“This solution is designed as an ideal first step for retailers that want to work with a partner that has the capabilities to implement a global roll-out, including source tagging, in-store deployment and support, hardware and software,” explains Per Levin, Checkpoint Systems’ worldwide president, merchandise visibility. 

Apparel retailers face a variety of challenges that impact sales and margins daily, including out-of-stocks and inaccurate inventories that lead to reduced sales. RFID can help retailers reduce out-of-stocks while increasing sales and maximising shelf availability.

“In this initial phase to help prove the value of RFID, the solution can be deployed without impacting retailers’ IT systems or networks, and it also minimises the impact on store operations, resulting in rapid time-to-productivity,” adds Prasad Putta, Checkpoint Systems’ executive vice president, merchandise visibility.

The Handheld Solution lets retailers track inventory at the item level both in the back room and on the sales floor, helping to improve inventory accuracy, reduce out-of-stocks, improve replenishment, increase store efficiency and increase sales.