PeopleSupport® Inc, the unified Internet customer care and customer intelligence provider, today announced details of its plans to host live text chat, e-mail response and voice communications for Chelsea Interactive ( ), a highly-scalable e-commerce platform for top brands including Elisabeth by Liz Claiborne, Cole Haan and Maidenform. Chelsea Interactive's technology platform enables brands to create customized storefronts in an effort to maximize consumer sales over the Internet. PeopleSupport's customer care representatives (eReps(TM)) will further enhance the online shopping experience for high-end consumers through personalized multi-channel customer service interaction. Designers from Liz Claiborne and other brands work closely with PeopleSupport to create an eRep training curriculum. "Chelsea Interactive understands that if an e-commerce business doesn't please its customers quickly and completely, they may never return for a second chance," said Steven Grasso, vice president, business development of Chelsea Interactive. "PeopleSupport is one of the many reasons that Chelsea Interactive's comprehensive e-commerce platform will be successful." "Chelsea Interactive has developed an incredible network of high-end consumer stores that will help drive growth in the projected $142 billion online retailing industry," said Lance Rosenzweig, PeopleSupport's CEO. "PeopleSupport's customer care platform is an ideal solution for brands that are dedicated to extending the traditions of personable and attentive off-line customer service to the online shopper."