Cherokee Inc. (Nasdaq:CHKE), one of the leading licensors of brand names for apparel, footwear and accessories, today announced that shareholders at the Company's Annual Meeting of Shareholders held yesterday re-elected four of the current directors on the board and approved the nomination of Dave Mullen as a new board member. The five member board of directors consists of: Robert Margolis, 52, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer; Timothy Ewing, 39, Managing Partner of Ewing & Partners and Manager of Value Partners, Ltd., a Texas based private investment partnership; Jess Ravich, 42, Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Bancorp Libra, a division of U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc.; Keith Hull, 47, President of Avondale Fabrics and Corporate Vice President of its parent, Avondale Mills, Inc., a diversified manufacturer of textile; and Dave Mullen, 65, retired, the former President and CEO of Robinsons-May. The Company noted that Douglas Weitman, 56, Chief Executive Officer of Security Textile Corporation, a privately owned manufacturer of apparel and textile related products, has resigned from Cherokee's board to pursue other business opportunities. Cherokee Inc., based in Van Nuys, California, is a marketer, licensor and manager of a variety of brands it owns or represents and is continuing its negotiations for domestic and international licensing contracts covering multiple categories of merchandise. Cherokee currently has licensing agreements in many categories, including family apparel, fashion accessories, as well as luggage, cosmetics and footwear.