Rosemarie Tayler (of the manufacturer Rosemarie Tayler) has been re-elected to serve a second term as chairman of the National Childrenswear Association. Howard Wilder (Banner Ltd) was re-elected to serve a second term as vice chairman; Henry Denison (Pretty Originals) as honorary treasurer; and Damian Hopkins (Flyers) as honorary secretary.Commented Rosemarie Tayler: "This has been a year of great change for the Association. Not least in our decision to relocate the offices to central London. The opportunity arose to move into the prestigious headquarters of the British Clothing Industry Association at Portland Place, London W1 which, under the cool organizational skills of our chief executive Bryan Green, was completed one month before the millennium festivities got underway."Ken Scates (Banner Ltd) was re-elected to server a further term as president, and Barry Morley was re-elected to serve a further term as vice president. Billy Kohner (Belart Ltd) and Nick Mason (agent) were also elected to serve as vice presidents.Mike Mills, a former chairman of the NCWA Accredited Agents, and Andrea Wilkins, trade consultant, are returning as newly elected council members.